Bucharest Grill or Park Bar- Which is it?

Near Grand Circus Park, in Downtown Detroit, there is a little hole-in-the-wall place called Bucharest Grill. Bucharest is one of the few places Downtown to get good Middle Eastern food and it would have been just a simple grab and go if, by happy chance, the Park Bar hadn’t been next door. The two partnered soon after Bucharest’s owner redid the Park Bar’s floor and the result is a great restaurant and a great bar in one location. Bucharest offers well priced wraps, entrees, and appetizers & the Park Bar offers a wide variety of drafts and cocktails. The Bucharest specializes in the Bucharest shawarma ($5.25) which if you’re especially hungry you can order a 6-pack of. With the Tiger’s season to open in a couple months, definitely pay the Bucharest Grill & Park Bar a visit after a game sometime.


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