Detroit’s newest museum showcases 150 years of police history

Marissa Gawel | WDET
Marissa Gawel | WDET

This year, Detroit’s police department celebrates its 150th anniversary. To commemorate this event, Detroit’s newest museum opened Tuesday to showcase 150 years of policing and crime in the city. The museum has been brought about by a partnership with the Detroit Police Department and the Detroit Public Safety Foundation; located in a second floor space at 1301 Third St. downtown.

Highlights of the museum include:

  • A fingerprint card containing the prints of Jimmy Hoffa- the labour rights activist who went missing in 1975 and has since spawned countless theories about his whereabouts.
  • Officer Iron Mike- a full metal body suit of armour used for situations with barricaded gunmen.
  • A traffic control sign circa 1910 which was one of the first tools used for traffic control. Detroit was one of the first cities in the world to regulate traffic on its streets.
  • There are many more intriguing and interesting items throughout the museum as well.

For a police force that often receives a bad reputation, perhaps this is a great leap forward in helping make the police a little more able to engage with the community.

What do you think? Should we also get a museum for our fire department? Perhaps one day we can get a Detroit museum similar to New York’s.

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