Don’t Judge: St. Andrew’s Hall

An unassuming exterior (Credit: Steve Neavling)
An unassuming exterior (Credit: Steve Neavling)

From the outside, St. Andrew’s Hall, at 431 E. Congress in Downtown Detroit, doesn’t look like anything special. It blends almost seamlessly into the other red brick buildings that line the street and an even coat of dust from the surrounding gravel parking lots covers everything. The only thing that might clue a passerby into the clandestine nature of St. Andrew’s are the occasional twenty foot long, shiny, black tour buses that show up almost every week across from St. Andrew’s front door. As it turns out, St. Andrew’s Hall is one of the premiere music destinations in Detroit.

Built in 1907 as a home for the St. Andrew’s Scottish Society of Detroit, St. Andrew’s Hall was once a center for preserving the culture and society of the Scottish immigrants who were coming to Detroit and the United States along with millions of other immigrants around the turn of the 19th century. As the years passed St. Andrew’s settled into the culture of Detroit and eventually became a completely different phenomenon. Since 1980 St. Andrews has been the platform from which world famous musicians sang to the people of Detroit.

St. Andrew's Hall Logo

St. Andrew’s Hall Logo

St. Andrew’s has seen performances from musical icons like Bob Dylan, Nirvana, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers; and St. Andrew’s is one of the first stages Detroit native Eminem rapped from.

Eminem returns to St. Andrew's. (Credit:

Eminem returns to St. Andrew’s. (Credit:

Lessons learned: Don’t judge anything in Detroit by its cover. Check out St. Andrew’s Hall schedule, got to a concert, and enjoy summertime in Detroit.

One of a kind in Downtown Detroit (Credit: Rhona Bitner)

One of a kind in Downtown Detroit (Credit: Rhona Bitner)


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