Inside Downtown Windsor’s Newest Brewery

Craft Heads Brewery is Downtown Windsor's newest and only brewery.
Craft Heads Brewery is Downtown Windsor's newest and only brewery.

Craft beer is currently a massive trend in North America, on both sides of the border. People are embracing more than ever having higher quality, locally sourced food and drink. The sheer number of craft options from Michigan and Ontario alone is simply staggering. While a little late to the party, craft breweries are popping up all over Windsor, including downtown, where Windsor welcomes its first brewery to open in the core in decades, possibly ever- Craft Heads Brewery.

Opening mere months ago; in the space formerly occupied by Lefty’s Underground, Craft Heads has already drawn considerable attention as a place where one can find a wide variety of small batch microbrew. All of Craft Heads’ beer is made in house and they offer a rotating selection of beer ranging from stouts to IPAs. Currently they have a selection of 11 different beers, but there are plans to more than double that number.

All of Craft Heads' beer is made in-house

All of Craft Heads’ beer is made in-house

The idea for Craft Heads, began five years ago with University of Windsor Engineering grads: Bryan Datoc, Ron Roy and Steve Fabischek. They began with homebrewing as a hobby and they decided to turn their passion into a business. That same passion for homebrewing has carried forward into Craft Heads where they are always experimenting with different kinds of beer. As such, all of their beer is made in small batches to retain that flexibility. Like the beer and want to take some home? There are plans to soon open a retail section in the brewery portion of the building. Also, coming this April 23rd, Craft Heads will be selling growlers of beer. ($12 with $5 refundable deposit).

Don’t feel like drinking? Craft Heads also specializes in having a small espresso bar. Inspired by Ron who lived in Melbourne for 4 years; considered the coffee capital of the world, Craft Heads’ espresso bar is his attempt at bringing some of that Melbourne coffee culture to Windsor.

In short, if you are looking for a nice cozy bar where you can relax, read a book and sip on a pint or latte, Craft Heads is a must. If your also looking for a place to party on a Friday or a Saturday night, Crafts Heads is also a must!

Whats Good?

You cannot go wrong with anything on the menu, but I personally liked their Heffeweizen- its a wheat beer, but refreshing enough to the point it almost tasted like a pale ale. Their Jazzy “Blues” Berry Blonde is a particularly delectable beer infused with blueberries and is a must try as well. (All $6.)

When should I go?

If you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere, pay a visit during the day when the espresso bar is open. Conversely its definitely a good place to start the night on a Friday and Saturday. On April 25th, Craft Heads is hosting live blues music by “South River Slims VooDuo” who played at the original Aardvarks. Live Music starts at 9pm.



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