It’s Summer in Campus Martius!

Detroit’s heart is in Campus Martius. It is the point from which its biggest streets radiate, the center of its downtown, and, during Summer, it is always filled with people.

The M1 will be Detroit's most relevant public transit.

The M1 Light Rail system will be Detroit’s most relevant public transit.

Campus Martius is one of Downtown Detroit’s largest pedestrian zones and, with the M1 Light Rail system under construction up Woodward, there is even less car traffic to get in people’s way. The M1 is street car line which is planned to run up Woodward from Downtown, through Midtown, into New Center, and hopefully beyond in coming years. Campus Martius functions much better now that the construction has blocked off most cars. The lack of cars and crowds of people make it feel almost like a European plaza.

Crowds gather to Campus Martius' Food Trucks

Crowds gather to Campus Martius’ Food Trucks

It’s hard to imagine anyone getting bored in Campus Martius. Surrounded by many the restaurants in nearby skyscrapers and food trucks in the plaza itself, Campus Martius has food to satisfy anyone’s appetite from Thai food, to Coney Islands, a mac and cheese truck, and Slow’s to Go. Slow’s to Go, is a branch of the Detroit famous Slow’s BBQ and is located in a semi-permanent wood “shack”. Slow’s BBQ is some of the best in the city, but be aware that Slow’s knows how good there spot in Campus Martius is and it is reflected in their prices. Their menu starts at $10 for a pulled pork sandwich and $4 more for a side, it makes for a very pricey lunch.

Slow's Reason Sandwich and BBQ Pulled Pork Beans - $14

Slow’s Reason Sandwich and BBQ Pulled Pork Beans – $14

With the onset of Summer everyone noticing the climbing temperatures. It won’t be long before everyone wants to spend as much time as possible outside in the sun. Campus Martius is already drawing crowds to its many attractions which include a few basketball courts, a volleyball court complete with sand, and a man-made beach complete with umbrellas, beach chairs, and a bar. The bar features a neat little sign banning all younger than 21 from enjoying the beach, but it remains to be seen how strictly this rule is enforced.

Campus Martius' sand volleyball pit

Campus Martius’ sand volleyball pit

Summer has come once again and soon Campus Martius will be filled with people enjoying sun, air, and life in Downtown Detroit

Comfortable seating in the shade.

Comfortable seating in the shade.

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