Maddy Moroun Denied Monopoly on Border Crossings

The Ambassador Bridge at night
The Ambassador Bridge at night

Maddy Moroun- local billionaire and bridge troll, has for years been fighting the creation of a new bridge that isn’t his in favour of his own. Today, a US Federal judge has ruled that Maroun does not in fact have the right to exclusively run a bridge across the Detroit River. In a 57-page document, the US district judge Rosemary Collyer has dismissed all but one of the challenges filed by the Detroit International Bridge Company- the company that operates the Ambassador Bridge.

This is a major blow to Maroun’s dreams of creating his own twin span across the river, and a boon to the Canadian Government who has been pushing hard for the construction of the new Gordie Howe bridge downriver.

For a full version of the ruling, click here.

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