Ransom Gillis House set to be restored by HGTV star Nicole Curtis

It is now undeniable- Detroit is well underway into a massive (re)building boom. Its possibly the first time so many construction projects have occurred at the same time since the 1920s. Detroit’s boom is currently centered around the Downtown, Midtown, Eastern Market, and Corktown areas. However, in the Bush Park neighborhood there are signs of new life. HGTV’s show Rehab Addicts will be focusing on the Ransom Gillis House in Brush Park. The house, which is a prime example of 19th century Victorian architecture, was completed in 1878 and has actually stood unoccupied since the 1960s. The show will be hosted by Nicole Curtis and it is great to see her enthusiasm for Detroit and her work. Construction begins this summer and will air on HGTV in April. Check out WGTV’s interview with Nicole.

Side Note: The Ransom Gillis House is rumored to be one of the sets for upcoming movie “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

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