The Best Breweries & Distilleries to visit this Spring in Detroit & Windsor

Two James' Rosemary Baby
Two James' Rosemary Baby

Spring is finally here and that means we can finally get outside without freezing to death. It also means that restaurant patios are open again and in Detroit & Windsor it feels like the city truly comes to life again. It also means that all of our local breweries and distilleries are putting out their latest drink specials and even some brand new beers. Here at City of Champions we have combed the city for the newest drinks that you need to try at some point this spring.

Valentine Distilling

10710995_10152700505163164_6243057022288730955_nIf you’re in Ferndale, pay a visit to Valentine Distilling. They have a whole new menu for the spring including a “secret” menu where if you say the correct password you can unlock a whole new slew of drinks. (HINT: ask if a certain female person is in) They also recently won an international competition for their gin, so Valentine is not to be skipped.



While generally we think Two James when you hear Corktown, there is another distillery in the neighbourhood as well. Our/Detroit Vodka does exactly what it promises, and specializes in boutique vodka. This spring they are featuring a menu that has been generated by inviting the public to send them cocktail recipes. The best of the recipes are featured on their menu!

Craft Heads Brewing


Downtown Windsor’s newest and only brewery, Craft Heads specializes in making a rotating selection of small-batch unique brews. Their Hefeweizen as well as their Jazzy “Blues” Berry are perfect for this time of year. This week they are introducing a line of cider as well as a couple of new beers.

Atwater Brewery

atwater taproom

One of the older players to the game, Atwater Brewery has been located in Detroit since 1997. They are kicking off spring with their Mai Bock High Gravity Lager. Featuring a lively taproom, Atwater is a mainstay for anyone doing brewery tours in the region.

Two James Distilling

two james tasting room


Detroit’s first distillery to open since prohibition, Two James has unveiled a full new menu for the spring including a brand new liquor to the table- The Absinthe Nain Rouge. One can buy bottles of spirits from their distillery or try some of their unique cocktails at their tasting bar. Two James’ cocktails use a wide variety of unique ingredients such as the Rosemary’s Baby ($10) which true to its namesake is a mix of vodka and fresh grapefruit juice infused with rosemary syrup. The Absinthe Nain Rouge is also finally available after more than two years of red tape wrangling getting it approved. But it was well worth the wait. Much like their gin, the absinthe highlights the critical ingredient in the drink- the star anise and it has a taste of liquorice that is strong, but not overpowering. One can enjoy it traditionally with a sugar cube and a mint leaf ($14) or you can try it in one of their various cocktails.

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