The City of Champions Remembers

The Spirit of Detroit is in its service men and women. (Credit:
The Spirit of Detroit is in its service men and women. (Credit:

Detroit earned its name as the City of Champions in the 1930s, when, in just a seven month period, all of Detroit’s sports teams won their national championships. The Tigers won the World Series in October of 1935. The Lions won the NFL Championship in December of 1935 (predating the Super Bowl which started in the 1967). And the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in April of 1936. Thus, Detroit earned the name City of Champions.

Detroit has a storied past as a champion city. Detroit’s founder, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, lead the city to control trade on the Great Lakes. After the War of 1812, Detroit grew to be a super power of industry and production. In the 1930s Henry Ford built the world’s most efficient assembly line system for producing cars and Detroit became the City of the Automobile. It was Detroit that made the car accessible to the entire World. In recent years, however, the City of Champions has not been lead by paragons of industry, sport, or development. In the city’s darkest hours, Detroit has been and is championed by those who, throughout the years of decline, have stayed in the city and believed in the city. Those are Detroit’s champions.

Detroit Memorial Day Parade 1927 after the conclusion of WWII.

Detroit Memorial Day Parade 1927 after the conclusion of WWI.

But, today the United States, Detroit, and the City of Champions puts all that aside. Today is a day for laying down personal achievements and even the achievements of a whole city, in order to give our thanks and honest respect to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Today the City of Champions thanks all those who have served and who are serving in the Armed Forces. Today the City of Champions remembers the veterans and those who have given their lives to protect this country. These men and women have been and always will be the true champions of the City of Champions. Thank you!


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