Where to find Dim Sum in Detroit & Windsor

[Kevin Fai|Flickr]
[Kevin Fai|Flickr]

Dim Sum is a popular brunch meal originating in southern China. It draws its origins from the hawker market style foods popular on the streets of any Chinese city. Chinese immigrants to North America brought the concept with them and it has since gained massive popularity on this continent. Food items are priced by the portion and are commonly steamed or deep-fried shrimp is a common ingredient. If you have never tried Dim Sum, it is definitely a must-try for weekend brunch.

Here at City of Champions, we have put together a list of the restaurants in Detroit and Windsor that offer Dim Sum. Windsor sports a large Chinese community so typically if you are looking for a more authentic Dim Sum, one will have to look on the south side of the River. Americans that can’t get across need not fear, it is still possible to find Dim Sum in Detroit!

Jade Chinese Cuisine

At night, this place is a mainstay for the drunk crowd after the bars close, but in the morning this is great place to go for Dim Sum if you’re in downtown Windsor. ($3.50-$5 per portion)


Detroit’s only Dim Sum restaurant, Shangri-La in Midtown is one of two Dim Sum restaurants by the same name (the other being in West Bloomfield). This place is perfect for the Wayne State student crowd. ($3.25-$4per portion)

May-Wah Inn

Perhaps the best known in the area for Dim Sum, the May-Wah specializes in authentic Hong Kong style Dim Sum, served everyday until 4pm. Portions are big, and servers walk around with trays for an a-la-carte buffet. ($2.75-$5.00 per portion)

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