Windsor ranked 3rd Unhappiest City in Canada

Windsor at sunrise. Image: AllieKF - Flikr 2013
Windsor at sunrise. Image: AllieKF - Flikr 2013

Residents of Windsor, Vancouver and Toronto are reportedly the least satisfied with their lives compared to residents of other Canadian cities. A new study published by Statistics Canada, asked residents of various cities in Canada to rate their life satisfaction on a scale out of 10. 0 being very dissatisfied and 10 being very satisfied. Windsor ranked an average of 7.85 followed by Toronto at 7.818 and Vancouver at 7.808. By contrast, Saguenay, QC topped the list at 8.245.

Average life satisfaction by CMABefore we get too down on ourselves though, it should be noted that Windsor’s low average is largely due to a higher percentage of people who ranked their life at 6 or below. Windsor actually scored higher when ranking the number of people who ranked their life at 9 and up.
What should we take from this? Maybe this is a sign that we should stop dwelling on the negative and start embracing the positive things happening in the city! After all, a similar study conducted in the US ranked Detroit as the 9th happiest city in the country. Or would you prefer to live in Winnipeg (7.894) or St. Johns (8.174) we hear they have lovely weather there.

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